4 Tips to Avoid Commonly Made Mistakes in Android Application Development

Posted on Aug 11 2017 - 6:07am by Techy Hints

The more the mobile technology is evolving, the more the app development industry is emerging. This is an undeniable fact that the Android app development platform is successfully ruling the market since the time of its invention. However, there are certain commonly made mistakes that can actually leave a bad impact not only on the entire app development process but on the final outcome as well. Nowadays, many veteran app developers are working dedicatedly to avoid such development issues. The below-mentioned list of some quirky tips would help you to avert some commonly made mistakes in the Android application development and would help you to come up with an excellent business-driven app.

Consider Impact on the battery Life

Don’t you hate it when your phone battery dies? Yes, in today’s scenario, the battery life is very crucial for the smartphone users. So, keeping this aspect in mind, various app development companies are giving their best efforts to devise such applications that won’t consume too much of the battery life rapidly. If you can develop such an app, it would become easier to satisfy the users.

Think about Other Platforms

iOS is another revolutionary app development platform in the technological industry. Hence, while developing and designing an app, make it more efficient by designing it in such a way so that it can run effortlessly on other platforms as well. Follow proper UI guidelines; be creative; think of something innovative that can easily attract the user’s attention. You should devise the app in such a way so that it gives the same vibes while accessing it from different platforms.

Use Proper Code

While doing coding in the ecosystem of the Android, it is always advisable not to do too much customization. Obviously, using custom code can definitely infuse creativity. However, too much customization can actually slow down the app activity. The operating system of Android offers several sets of code lines to devise an app efficiently. To save your precious time and to diminish your burden, you can simply use this codes instead of customization.

Don’t Underestimate User Experience

You cannot deny that the main aim to develop an user-centric app is to augment the business prospects. The more users access your app, the nearer you to the greatest business success. Hence, you should never underestimate the user experience. Most of the time, while paying the utmost attention to the business considerations, developers do the mistakes of ignoring user experience. This might result in a huge app failure even if it is feature-rich. So, what you can do is to release the beta version first; check how the users are responding and depending on it, you can delve into further development.

Mobile technology is constantly progressing and so the Android platform. To cope up with the ongoing trends, you need to offer your users something unconventional that would effectively make your app business-driven.

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