49 Keys Mini Bluetooth Keyboard Give You More Than 49 Kinds Of Experience

Posted on Mar 22 2017 - 11:42am by Techy Hints

Keyboards are always easier to use to type up anything more than a long SMS,but most modern portable devices like smartphones and tablet PCs are powered with touch sensitive onscreen keypads instead.

You could see the keyboard is becoming more and more exquisiter.From the original keyboard to the mini laptop,even to the palm computer.We can’t deny that it’s more convinience and portable to carry.but the side effect we should realize is the speed of input and the response rate are so clumsy.

Since man’s fingers are quite wide and large,I often find it annoying to use onscreen keypads,you could also get annoyed at the touch screen.The precise positioning and the quick,accuracy is also we calls for.

You could get an extra keyboard for devices which lack physical keyboards when you had similar problems too.So a blutooth keyboard is your best choise,49 Keys Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with Broadcom 2042 Chipset.The newest wireless keyboard released by epathchina. epathchina always appear in a time of greatest need.

With its Bluetooth 2.0 compatibility, this Mini Bluetooth Keyboard works with most smartphone operating systems, including Nokia Symbian (S60+), Android, and Windows Mobile (5.0+).Setup is quick and easy and in mere seconds your smartphone will be equipped with the ideal tool for texting, writing emails, chatting, web browsing, and even gaming. For those who need more options, this Mini Bluetooth Keyboard even works with an iPad, PS3s, and Bluetooth-enabled laptop/personal computer!


Systems Supported:

  • Supported Smart Mobile System:
  1. Nokia Symbian S60 V3 and above
  2. Android 1.6 and above
  3. Windows Mobile 6.0 and above
  • Supports all PC and Mac operating systems
  • Supports Sony PS3
  • Supports iPad

Use this Mini Bluetooth Keyboard with your computer or smartphone to enjoy responsive keys, featherlight typing, portability, and Bluetooth functionality everywhere you go. The sleek and slim design fits comfortably in your hand and allows for easy typing with its 49 keys, including a full QWERTY keyboard and complete with a space bar and number keys.This Mini Bluetooth Keyboard even includes a FN (function) key used for accessing arrow keys,right click, and a home button, making web browsing on your phone easier than ever.

As the name suggests, this Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard is very compact and has 49 keys but no function keys.

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