5th Grade Math

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“But mom, I still don’t get it. It just doesn’t make sense,” says Tim with a frustrated tone. Many kids and parents have been there- especially those moving to, or who are in the 5th grade. 5th grade math often is that point when math problem solving can start to be confusing for a child. This predominantly can ring true in children that have shown previous struggles in math. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. With some quality time and the use of various tools, helping a child with 5th grade math problems can instead be simpler and even a fun activity.

Why is 5th Grade Math So Difficult for Some?

5th grade is often that stage where students struggle to understand the concepts. This is the level that transitions a student from basic elementary math to the more complex skills needed for middle and high school. It is a level of preparation for what is to come. Therefore, 5th grade math will take students on a journey of educational transformation. Because there are many factors involved in math in the higher grade levels, students must learn a variety of skills and methods to help with computation.

Why is Help Often Requested by Parents for 5th Grade Math Problems?

Math is so different now, with a variety of newer computational methods. Once a child starts the transition from basic math to more complex skills, parents also can get confused. Newer methods include definitions and processes that a parent may never have heard of or practiced. It’s not that the parents cannot do the math (although, that is becoming more and more common!). It simply is because the steps to the process may be labeled or figured differently. Time is also a big constraint for parents to help their kids with math problems.

The Importance of 5th Grade Math

Because 5th grade math presents concepts that will be used throughout middle and high school, it must be understood well by students. Students who do not learn 5th grade math concepts will have a very difficult time understanding future math lessons. If the basic fundamentals are not clear to students, anything learnt on top of it will not be effective either.

How Can I Help My Child With 5th Grade Math?

There are a variety of ways for parents to help kids with 5th grade math. Studying time does not have to be frustrating for either the child or the parents.

Set Aside an Hour Each Day

When time is always set aside to focus on learning, the process will run smoother and come together quicker. Everyday practice also keeps the child’s brain focused. When concepts are not consistently practiced, they can be forgotten.

Online Tools and Services

We all can use a little help sometimes. Tutoring services can be a great help in figuring out where a child’s strengths and weaknesses are, as well as focus on improving the weak points. Online tutoring can sometimes be more affordable and more convenient. Websites like ClickandClimb.com are helping parents discover new ways to help their children with math. Other online tools, such as printable worksheets also are a great way to help children struggling with 5th grade math skills.Worksheetlibrary.com is a great resource for printable worksheets. Many of them are free.

Make Math Fun

Math does not have to be boring. With engaging lessons and fun games, parents can make learning math a fun activity that is enjoyed daily. Children should look forward to learning, not feel frustrated when it is time for it to begin. In addition to creating fun ways to complete math, attitude says everything. To help a child feel good about math, parents should express happy feelings when it is time for daily math sessions.

Be Positive

Parents’ attitude affects the student directly and has a big impact on them. Although it is good to share your math struggles with your young ones, it’s critical not to speak negatively about the subject. Students need to know the importance of math, and that they can conquer the fear of math with hard work and proper tools and planning. Be realistically optimistic!

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