7 Tips Every Smartphone Owner Should Know

Posted on Mar 12 2017 - 8:21pm by Techy Hints

For Smartphone users whether using an iPhone, an Android phone or a Windows phone, there are few ways that can always make your smartphone usage smarter and much easier to manage. We bring some easy tips which can save you lots of time, money and headaches of managing space on your smartphone. Regardless of which phone you use, these easy ways can make your life better especially when it comes to managing things on your smartphone.


Save your Photos smartly without losing space!

Manual backup to have your photos consumes lots of your space specially people who like to click everything and want to store them as well. So don’t leave your photos on the manual back-ups, instead use the automatic back-up of photos online which will further saves you good storage space as well. The other great benefit is that you will never lose your photos even if your phone got lost. Apps like Dropbox’s Carousel app and Microsoft’s OneDrive app can automatically back up photos to cloud storage, though you’re limited to 5 GB of free storage for the former and 7 GB for the latter. You can also use the Google+ app for iOS or Android, which backs up unlimited photos


Consume your Music from the Cloud!

Saving the music files to your smartphone often consumes a good amount of memory and people often spend money to have the extended memory in the phone. Time to get your music from the cloud instead of storing them in your phone. You can make use of Google Play Music, which can store up to 20,000 free songs, which you can then access through apps for iOS and Android. But if you need more storage but at a reasonable cost you can also make use of Amazon Cloud Player will store up to 250,000 songs for $25 per year.


Know how to Store Your Stuff  

If you are using multiple systems from laptops to Smartphones for your files and other stuffs then use a cloud media services like Dropbox. Dropbox accepts any kind of file and is universal, it works with Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. So with the help of services like this you can create stuff at one system and via Dropbox, can share to multiple devices including your smartphone. Google Drive is also one this kind of a cloud which is more popular nowadays.


Get your Home Screens more organized and less cluttered

The most cluttered space in your smartphones is often the home screen. If your home screen turned into cluttered and unorganized space due to lots of unorganized apps and folders, then use some tricks to make it organized.


You can start from your favourite app and place them directly on the bottom two or three rows of your main screen, but not in folders. This makes them easily reachable and you don’t to dig deep to locate them. Then you can use folders for your favourite app categories, or add widget on an Android phone. For subsequent screens, it’s better to organize them by based on their frequent usability, thus you won’t fill every page, and your phone will have organized system to save your stuffs.


Use Your Phone as a Wireless Hotspot

You wireless carrier might prefer if you signed up for a tablet data plan, but you don’t have to. In most cases, it’s cheaper to use your phone as a wireless hotspot, which can provide Wi-Fi to any tablet or laptop. This service is already included if you have a shared data plan on AT&T or Verizon, and while it’s not quite as convenient as having 4G built into your tablet, it’s a lot cheaper in the long run. Check out our guide to setting it up and figuring out the costs.


Have the Shortcuts for everything you can

If you really looking forward to save some time while using your smartphone, then better to know your shortcuts for everything you do on your phone. While on an iPhone, you can swipe up from the bottom edge to bring up quick settings, or double tap the home button to bring up a recent apps list. The same way there are some tricks to for the Android phones too. As Android phones are lots of kinds, you can always find the shortcuts available in your phone and start making heavy use of them.



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