A Secure Usb Drive for Mac and Pc

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A secure USB drive is important to those using Mac’s or PC’s who want to stop the exploiting of confidential data. The thieves are not concerned whether your operating system is Mac or PC. But now a secure USB drive is available as an effective strategy to ward off an attack regardless of which system you use. It would seem at this point if you want to keep your mobile data safe a secure USB drive is in your future interest.

Safety and Security with a Secure USB Drive

A secure USB drive has been produced by SanDisk with safety and security in mind. The drives are compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5 featuring the best known encryption algorithm developed to date. The secure USB drive has data encryption that is hardware based and is more secure then software based encryption. Strong authentication means if the flash drive is stolen would be thieves are locked out after a number of failed passwords attempts. This essential prevents any unauthorized user from accessing data. The secure USB drive is also hardware based and is independent of the operating system so access to password keys is not possible from within the operating system.

Investing in a secure USB drive like the units produced by SanDisk is an investment in the company’s future revenue. The confidential data company personnel access everyday is valuable not only to future of the company but to thieves as looking to exploit the data. A secure USB drive can prevent unauthorized access to data through encryption.  Even if lost or stolen encryption makes the data the flash drive contains useless. The mindset use to be that only outsiders were interested in gaining access to secure data but a secure USB drive keeps everyone honest, including employees. Various companies have reported the loss of confidential and sensitive data at the hands of trusted personnel.

A Secure USB Drive on Both Ends

One consideration for using a secure USB drive is the strength it possesses on both ends. Sometimes attackers are not interested in specific data and are not out to exploit data, but only to corrupt it. SanDisk Enterprise partners with McAfee a global security company which scans the secure USB drive for viruses with their anti-malware software and eliminates any threat to data or your operating system before it has an opportunity to reach it. Hackers have been known to use the flash drive as a host to get a virus into the operating system and force it to crash. A secure USB drive with anti-malware will detect such a threat and neutralize it before it can cause any damage to data.

A secure USB drive must have a strong front end and back end which will virtually eliminated access by would be unauthorized users. Strong front end security is provided by passwords that are complex and cannot be hacked or guessed. The administration of passwords for the a secure USB drive is an important part of a strong front end which can keep data safe even if the flash drive is lost or stolen.  Data encryption is a mandatory security measure to prevent access even if the strong front end is thwarted. SanDisk Enterprise produces a secure USB drive equipped with data encryption designed with a strong algorithm which will make data impossible to access by hackers and thieves.

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