All Samsung Galaxy Smartphones in 5 Minutes

Posted on Nov 24 2017 - 5:14pm by Techy Hints

This video is about the evolution of Samsung Galaxy (Android) Smartphones from 2009 to September 2017. The Samsung smartphones with other OS, such as Bada or Tizen are not in this video.

All Samsung Galaxy (Android) Smartphones from 2009 to September 2017.

00:02 — 2009
00:07 — 2010
00:16 — 2011
00:49 — 2012
01:29 — 2013
02:18 — 2014
02:58 — 2015
03:34 — 2016
04:11 — 2017

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***Some name of the smartphones may vary in different country and some models are sold in certain country only. For example, Galaxy J7 Pro is also known as Galaxy J7 (2017). The name of the smartphones in this video is based on Malaysia version. Any mistake or missing phone, please comment down below to let me know. Thanks.


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