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Because most of the time spent on my droid, while traveling I have ways to keep organized, and one that stuck to me ColorNote. What caught my attention about this app right off the bat, was the fact that, like Stickies on my Mac, which I find very useful to recall and build different lists. Yes, there are many applications that allows you to create the list, and keep them organized, but they will allow you to place a card on the screen as a reminder
One of my favorite features is the ability to see colors spadku on the main screen, so it is in my face, until they take care of it. The color code your application letter, so that you can help keep their organization and quickly identified. Whats great is that they can just keep keeping the list within the application, or if you want a quick and easy access to a reminder, you are able to do so by adding a card to one of the screens at home. After completion of the task on your list, you can remove the card and mark the task as completed in the application.
Because many of us often spend much time on the road, the application, how much of this assistance as organized crime. Please check it out for yourself, and download a free copy from the market.





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