App Review: Angry Birds(Android)

Posted on Mar 25 2017 - 5:51am by Techy Hints

What you need to addictive game? Not much just throw in some super-simple controls, clever graphics, physics and basic. Rovio Mobile Angry Birds is one of those games, which includes all these elements, and today the studio just released a public Android beta in order to satisfy those who do not FGD , webOS or Ovi enabled device. If youre not already familiar with the popular title, the plot is that a band of hungry pigs uprooted from the eggs of certain birds, creatures, forcing the birds to participate in the rescue mission because of their survival. The game version of Android is as easy as before: at every level of constant use slingshot to throw birds one at a time to the forts, to kill all the pigs in the middle. Secondary challenge, we must try to get three stars, depending on the quantity of construction materials to destroy, so the key is to perfect your shooting angle.
At the beginning you are only one kind of bird that does nothing more than headbutting, but during the game you can come across the six birds, each of which has one special power: multiply, burst, acceleration, eggs dropping bombs, boomerang and endurance. Do not worry, the instructions are quite clear, when you first meet these enhanced kamikaze birds most involve only a single tap in any place to cause the flight of their special abilities. When you get the hang of it, soon you will want to try all types of trajectories to get revenge on those shameless pigs green. Seriously, pigs, really laugh at you, when the birds miss them.
Although we are not familiar with the Store and Ovi webOS version Angry Birds , we have definitely spent a lot of time on the IOS taste. Unfortunately, since the latter is still working on the low resolution of 480 x 320, blurred images on the notoriously sharp 88880023 retinal display no justice to the game. On the other hand, the Android version looks much nicer in our Nexus One, Dell and HTC Streak Desire, how it works in their native resolution of 800 x 480 He said that the overall Android beta does not feel as drunk as his counterpart IOS noticed rare hiccup when panning across the scene, so here is hoping that this will be fixed in the final version. Regardless of minor flaws, we still highly recommend Android users to check this free Angry Birds beta on the market grab it while its hot!

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