Apple 17-Inch Macbook Pro Versus 17-Inch Sony Vaio Vgn-Ar790U/B

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Whether we choose to admit it or not, everyone loves to watch a battle of epic proportions played out in the media. Think of the hype surrounding the Ali V Frazier fight. Alien V Predator movie. England V Germany football match, and finally the 17-inch MacBook Pro Versus the 17-inch Sony VAIO VGN-AR790U/B.

Let me tell you straight off the bat this article is designed to provoke debate. I’m going to try and explore the benefits of choosing a Mac over a PC, or a PC over a Mac. No doubt this will swell the battle lines of both camps and hopefully fuel spin off articles and discussions in many of the IT related forums.

I’m going to post my colours to the mast and admit I’m a PC user. However a great number of my friends and business associates are die hard Mac users, including my mate Rob.

I’ve often heard Mac computers being referred to as having the Marmite syndrome, i.e. you either love them or you hate them. I am however conscious that approximately 95% of the graphic and web designers that I commission work with utilise Mac products. I take great pleasure when working with Rob at the PC One Stop Shop design office for long sessions to hear him singing the praises of a Mac over a PC. He seems duty bound to inform me that Macs are incredibly reliable and rarely crash. After working with him on both sides of the Atlantic for over twelve years I admit to being bored witless about Mac’s reliability. But I do smile the other side of my face when his Mac notebook crashes and he has to eat his words.

Maybe it’s a male Macho thing but he has as little enthusiasm for embracing a PC laptop as I do for trying a MacBook Pro. Although I am quiet envious of the latest Mac Book Pro features including the new 8 hour battery. And the fact that its carved from a single block of aluminium, the new MacBook Pro is slim , light and durable enough to take anywhere. MacBook Pro features two NVIDIA graphics processors — one discrete and one integrated — to help you get the most out of your applications. The entire trackpad is also the button, so it’s clickable everywhere. And it offers even more Multi-Touch gestures and functionality.

The Sony VAIO VGN-AR790U/B 17-inch Digital Studio Laptop has an Intel Core 2 Duo T9300 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 400 GB Hard Drive and Vista Ultimate. I’m a big fan of Sony Vaio after buying my first Vaio laptop in the USA some years ago. It never let me down and proved to be ultra reliable.

Given there’s not a lot of difference in the price, whatever your preference both are heavyweight contenders looking to win the title.

After a bout which surprisingly was devoid of cuts and black eyes, Rob and I agree to disagree. I guess it all boils down to whether you like Marmite or not. A survey of the 14 people in the office provided a resounding 12 employees in favour of the Sony VAIO VGN-AR790U/B 17-inch Digital Studio Laptop and just 1 in favour of the 17-inch MacBook Pro.

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