Apple Airpods Review – Wireless Earbuds for iPhones and Any Bluetooth Device

Posted on Nov 25 2017 - 1:20am by Techy Hints

Buy them at Apple – (affiliate link) – Apple’s Airpods are a wireless version of the free earbuds that are included with their iPhones. They are also Bluetooth compatible with other devices. See more headphones: and subscribe!

00:35 – Price
00:44 – Hardware overview / comparison to regular earbuds
01:36 – Comfort / do they stay in?
02:37 – Ear sensor
02:59 – Mono mode
03:10 – Charging case
03:29 – Battery life
04:10 – Battery indicator
04:48 – Using across Apple devices: Apple TV, Mac, iPad, etc
05:44 – Pairing with non Apple devices / Android via Bluetooth
06:12 – Configuration and volume controls
07:00 – Lack of volume control
07:45 – Microphones
07:57 – Mic test
08:34 – Range
09:06 – Audio quality
09:32 – Conclusion and final thoughts

I am surprised by how much l like these things. I was using the regular Apple wired earbuds before and they often fell out. These have the exact same shape but the difference is that there is no wire pushing up on them from the bottom.

The result is that they stay in my ears far better than I expected even when I take my dog on our regular vigorous walk.

I really like how seamlessly they work with everything I have connected to my iCloud account: no re-pairing when moving from one device to another (as long as it’s an Apple device).

Audio quality is the same as the earbuds : not bad. But they are not noise canceling and lack the fidelity you might get from an in-ear earbud or over the ear headphone. They also lack noise cancellation.

I have two gripes :

1. No volume controls on the Airpods themselves. Apple expects people to use the volume controls on their phones or ask Siri verbally to do it.

2. The microhpone quality is poor for audio recordings. It’s strictly a low fidelity phone microphone and does not record in stereo. There’s a missed opportunity here to create an awesome stereo capture device.

Otherwise they are a fantastic product and will work with more than just Apple devices.

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