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It is subtle, but it is there. MacOS and the MacBook are not for the next generation. Everything that was important on the Mac is not only available on iOS but the new features are now debuting on iOS. That’s not just the education market. The vast majority of new features that are coming to macOS are derived from iOS features or are designed to support cloud features and drive the uptake of Apple’s mobile platform.

The Chicago event presented Apple’s view of what education could do with its hardware, but it didn’t seem to match up with what education needs from software and hardware. When schools are passing down textbooks over multiple years, with dwindling equipment budgets and teachers’ workloads are sky high, where does Apple’s vision fit in?

Apple’s problems in education actually have less to do with the iPad being $299 or $259. They have a lot more to do with the story that they are framing in education being considered a pipe dream for a lot of the education market.

Education didn’t need a faster iPad. Education didn’t need Apple Pencil support. Those are great features for a consumer-friendly iPad, but education needed a clearer signal from Apple that they understand how school districts actually operate around the country and around the globe.

At the end of the day, students still have to pass standardized tests. They still have to meet all of their mandated requirements. I’m not sure an iPad with Apple Pencil support and some new GarageBand sound packs are really going to make that big of a difference as fun as they may be.

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Apple Hits The Roof On iPhone Pricing

What we didn’t see at the Chicago event was any major news around the iPhone. The world’s press may have been watching but the iPhone news did not come from the stage. Instead it looks like Apple has decided the base price limit for an iPhone is $999, and that means the 2018 handsets need to fall into line. Forbes’ Gordon Kelly examines the findings from RBC Capital Markets:

…while the radically redesigned 6.1-inch iPhone SE2 will come in at a massive $799 (twice the price of the current iPhone SE) the second generation iPhone X (possibly ‘iPhone X 2’) will see a price decrease of $100, launching for $899. This will allow Apple to also release an all-new, supersize iPhone X Plus for $999, keeping the range under the crucial $1,000 barrier.

Apple will be launching its new iPhonemodels in the fall of 2018 and according to earlier reports the Cupertino giant will be launching three iPhone variants this year – a 6.5-inch OLED model, a 6.1-inch LCD model, and a 5.8-inch OLED model. Now, a new analyst report predicts the pricing details of the three iPhone models. Apple will reportedly make the 2018 version of the iPhone X, $100 cheaper.

According to RBC Capital Markets analyst Amit Daryanani, as reported by Apple Insider, Apple will price its second-generation iPhone X at $899 and the alleged iPhone X Plus will cost $999. He said the iPhone X has seen ‘limited success’ with prices starting at $999 and that might result in the company lowering the price by $100 to reinvigorate sales. As per Daryanani’s prediction, the 2018 iPhone lineup will start at “$700+” for the 6.1-inch LCD model and the price of the 5.8-inch OLED model could start at $899. Finally, the iPhone X Plus, the 6.5-inch model, will start at $999.


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