Apple TV 4k Review – Is it worth the upgrade from the old one?

Posted on Nov 26 2017 - 9:05pm by Techy Hints

Buy one at Apple – (affiliate link) – The Apple TV 4k feels the same as the other 1080p Apple TV but it runs at a higher 4k resolution. But surprisingly it lacks a lot of smarts that other 4k players have. See more set top boxes: and subscribe!

00:38 – Hardware overview / pricing
01:19 – Differences vs. 1080p Apple TV
02:01 – No HDMI cable included, buy the right one!
03:29 – Remote control
03:42 – 4k Experience on the Apple TV
04:29 – Setting up 4k HDR manually
04:55 – Does not auto switch resolutions
06:14 – Finding 4k content
07:35 – Free 4k movie upgrades
08:06 – Movies Anywhere Service Recommendation
09:18 – Digital audio support
09:57 – Features Unique to Apple TV
10:18 – Integration with Apple Photos / iCloud
12:19 – iPhone / iPad integration for remote control
13:00 – Apps purchased on iPhone or iPad available on Apple TV
13:18 – Gaming
14:19 – Siri integration
16:10 – Check if your TV apps are enough before buying

The Apple TV 4k is set in its ways – it will always stay at 4k HDR no matter what you play on it – meaning movies and content that are not encoded with HDR in mind may not look as good. Other players activate HDR mode only when needed.

I found that it wasn’t so smart at figuring out what my TV’s capabilities were. I had better luck with the much less expensive Roku Stick that gave me a more in depth analysis of my television’s capabilities.

All in it’s a nice device but I think if you have a fancy new 4k television you might want to check first and see how the built-in apps fare with your favorite media providers.

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