Cell phone Health Risks- What are the risks?

Posted on Mar 18 2017 - 7:18pm by Techy Hints

What are the health risks involved with using a cell phone is a popular question that has been on a lot of peoples minds. It has become quite the debate since a large amount of people have said that the cancer that has developed has been caused from the cell phone that they are using. However there is no proof that the cancer was related with any scientific proof.

However, just because there is no scientific evidence does not mean that it could not be related. It just simply means that at this point in time they have failed to make the link between cancer and cell phone usage. There could be a time down the road when a link between the two can be proved and when this happens there may be something that can be done then. This is just one instance between the cell phone health risks that are being said about the cell phone usage.

Some countries have made it a law that cell phone manufacturers have to let you know the risks between the cell phone health risk that is being taken every chance you pick up the phone to make a phone call. There is a small amount of radiation that the phone puts out every time that phone is on and therefore can be risky if your talking on your phone for extended amounts of time. Cell phones were not designed to be used 24/7 but rather as a means to contact someone in the wake of a disaster or emergency when regular landlines or house phones are unreachable.

There are some individuals who are on their phones to extreme amounts of time and these are the people who are at extreme levels of radiation due to the ongoing presence of radiation to their bodies from the phone being in use for long periods of time. Even in the instance when you have a wireless cell phone ear piece which will allow for you to hear the on going conversation, where ever your phone is kept is being subjected to the ongoing radiation of the phone. The best piece of mind that you can get is to put your cell phone health risks to rest is to use your phone for a limited amount of time and to keep in an area that would allow for you to be safe from the radiation. This is possible for women due to the purse that a women carries and they can keep it in their purse but for men the most common area for them to keep their cell phone is in their pants pocket. For them, the recommendation is to purchase the carrying pouch for the cell phone that will allow the cell phone to be carried on their belts and you will need to place 2 layers off clothing underneath the belt to keep you at a safe amount of distance between the two to keep you from the radiation. If you follow these steps you can feel better about your cell phone health risks that are involved.
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