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Posted on Mar 23 2017 - 12:19am by Techy Hints

Modern devices are both a boon and an intrusion into our lives.  Nearly everyone carries a cellular phone around all of the time – but often we are too ‘available’ to everyone our productivity suffers.  Privacy can suffer, too – with the easy access to cell phones, anyone can reach you at any time.  

So what do you do when you must to learn who is the owner of a number that is calling you?  The old phone directory is not real useful any more – what you should have is some kind of cell phone number directory.

Fewer numbers are published today than at any time – there are so many cell providers with thousands of numbers, there is not one clearinghouse where you can look up a number or do a reverse lookup if required.

An effective cell phone number directory need to have the capability of forward and reverse searches, and contain numbers from all over the country, and inclusive of all cell phone networks and companies.

Since this cell number data is difficult to keep current and updated, most cell phone number directory websites charge a small payment for access.  The fee covers the expense of keeping a large list of cell phone numbers that change frequently.

Don’t wonder when you see a strange phone number on your or your kid’s cell phone.  Do a reverse query on one of these new and powerful web sites.  The peace of mind and privacy of you and your loved ones is very important, so spend the small fee and know who is calling.

Source by Carl Ringwall

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