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Posted on Mar 10 2017 - 12:45am by Techy Hints

The changing technology has changed the way we used our system confused, but it is true we work on systems it can be computers, laptop or a palm top anything. With change in technology, the advancement of the features of these computers has also changed. Ipad was firstly launched by the company which is popular in making many touch screen items like ipod etc. the company is none other than Apple. If you finish changing yourself according to the latest technology then it is the right time to switch yourself with the stylish Tablet PC keyboard and make yourself feel special.

I pads has made many alternatives as the advancement of technology is inhering the new developers in this field. So the developers are using the new way of technology that is androids. The cheapest ipad are Wifi and Wifi + 3G.  They contain 16 GB memory status. These cheap ipad were beginning from 3rd April 2010. They weigh around 1.5 pounds and 0.5 inches in thickness.

  1. Viliv S5: this is one of the smallest slates present on the portable form. It can run all the windows programs and the resolution of the screen can also be done. It is another form of touch screen device.
  2. Viliv X70: it ranges from 7 inches in size. It has the same resolution touch screen which is similar to Viliv S5. The browsering of net can be easily done and we can enjoy such type of surfing on the windows platform. It can accommodate in any gear bag and is easy to handle and equip with.
  3. Viliv S7: the ipad has a new version which is S7 which is fully convertible. It can show a full QWERTY keyboard. If you are a power user than this is the right item for you to handle with. Its functions are fully similar to that of the configrated full slate. It is thinner and lighter than X70.
  4. Viliv S10 Blade: this is 10 inch high resolution screen which is much bigger than any other mentioned screen. It has a fully displayable screen and fully featured tablet.  You get a webcam which is a new which the above slate does not have.
  5. Think Pad x200t:  this is the entire featured device for the person who needs the entire feature under one roof.

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