Computer GK 03- Computer Hardware for Suchna Sahayak & Bank Exams in Hindi

Posted on Apr 4 2018 - 12:38am by Techy Hints

Most of the competition exams have Computer GK as a syllabus. This is the 3rd video of Computer Subject, and topic name is Hardware. We are covering all of three parts of Computer Hardware, i.e., Input, Processing, and Output, etc. IBPS Bank and State Level exams have the computer as a subject in the syllabus, i.e., IBPS Clerk and PO, SBI Clerk and PO, Suchna Sahayak, etc.

You can also download PDF of Computer Hardware (the heart of this video). The PDF Download Link is

Introduction of Computer in Hindi –
History of Computer in Hindi-

If you appear in the bank competition exams, then you should have seen following computer questions.
Is MICR an input device?
How MICR works?
Full form of MICR, BCR, OMR, OCR, etc. – MICR stands for Magnetic ink character recognition, BCR stands for Bar Code Reader, OMR stands for Optical mark recognition, OCR stands for Optical character recognition
Is Plotter an output device? What is the difference in between Plotter and Printer?
Difference between Trackball and Mouse?
How Light Pen work mouse instead?
What is QR Code? Full form of QR is Quick Response.
Example of Input and Output Computer Devices, i.e., Monitor, LCD, LED, Projector, Webcam, Printer, etc
Type of Printers, i.e., Impact and Non- Impact Printers
Example of Impact Printers, i.e., Dot Matrix, Daisy Wheel, Line Printer, etc
Example of Non-Impact Printers, i.e., Laser, Inkjet, LED Printer, etc
What is Motherboard? Components on Motherboard are Microprocessor, RAM, ROM, BIOS, Expansion Slots, etc
What do you mean by PCB? PCB Stands for Printed Circuit Board.
So you have seen Computer Hardware GK topic has many questions for competitive exams. I am explaining this video in Hindi to cover all northern states in India.


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