Enable Windows Precision Drivers on any Notebook [Windows 10]

Posted on Mar 22 2018 - 11:47am by Techy Hints

This is a quick tutorial on how to enable Windows Precision drivers (Windows 10 only!) on laptops which allows you to use gestures for switching desktops, applications etc and improves the general touchpad experience! The guide might not work for every device! It will only work for ELAN/Synaptic Touchpads.

Be aware! Install Windows precision privers on your own risk and I am not responsible for any burning touchpads! (just kidding, just make sure you have a mouse and a backup of your original drivers in case you screw it)

Tested on MSI GS70, GS63VR, GE60, Razer Blade 14, Dell Inspiron, HP Envy, HP Pavilion

What you need:

ELAN/Synaptic Touchpad
Windows 10 (only Windows which supports precision drivers)
a mouse
the correct drivers for your touchpad

Some notebook touchpad already work fine after the first reboot, some (like my MSI GS70) only allow moving the curser until the driver for the new input device is updated!


precision driver for Elan Trackpads:

precision driver for Synaptics Trackpads:

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note: sorry about spelling “precision” wrong in the video 😀


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