eReader Kobo and launches Android Store

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If youve never heard of Kobo, we can not really blame you. But to be honest, they are literally anywhere . Today marks the official announcement that the eReader, which may be more familiar with the tying of the bookseller Borders, along with global eBook Store, seeks to phone Android operating system(OS). Yes, it beats Amazons Kindle for at least several weeks, so its probably something youll want to take a shot, if youre already waiting for a good eReader find your favorite headphones.

If you already have an account Kobo, you will be pleased to know that all purchased books will go on and appear directly on the device(right after a quick sync, of course). Kobo is supported ePub, and there top 2 million titles in the bookstore for you to read the device. Youll also be able to buy books directly from the device, fortunately. And yes, if youre still looking at this picture, it certainly does not look like a device from the stone kept the Nokia, but there will be that before Kobo.(This does not mean you can not, though.) If you are interested in checking it out, the proposal should be available in the market right now, but we hear contradictory statements from the people. So if it is not there, just look throughout the day until you find. If you download it, please let us know what you think.
Press release:
PUBLICATIONS KOBO first World eBook reader and store Android
Kobo Android adds to the list of supported devices, which includes the iPhone, IPAD, BlackBerry, netbooks, and dedicated eReaders, including eReader Kobo
Toronto June 18, 2010 Kobo, global service eReading, announced availability of the Android-enabled smartphone. Like other applications, Kobo, Kobo Android is intended to provide the best customer experience eReading worldwide. This facilitates the announcement of the purpose of issuing Kobo book on any device. Services open standards means that customers can access and read their books from various devices.
Now the fastest growing mobile platforms, many new devices are ideal for Android eReading and look forward to providing the Android Kobo millions of users around the world, said CEO Kobo, Michael Serbinis. We need to adjust the features our customers expect from Kobo to ensure that we offer the best experience of reading for Android-enabled smartphone.
Kobo is available for free on the Android smartphone through the Android Market. Kobo EPUB supports file formats, including rich text and images, offering the highest quality reading. Kobo existing users can log into your account Kobo and read their books right away. In addition, over two million eBooks available to download from the bookstore Kobo, thousands of which are available for free and best-selling starting at $9.99.
Kobo has developed a global following eReading their services, which includes the free apps for the iPhone, IPAD, Blackberry and Android, as well as a dedicated eReader Kobo. Android users can now log on to your existing account and download books Kobo are already purchased at no additional cost. In addition, the user Kobo library and bookmarks are automatically synchronized across all applications and offers seamless eReader Kobo Kobo Kobo-on any device.
For more information or to download Kobo, visit.

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