Error 0x800C0155 and Microsoft Outlook Express DBX Corruption

Posted on Mar 29 2017 - 6:42pm by Techy Hints

There are certain situations where you may determine that Microsoft Outlook Express downloads emails from the web server that are already in the Inbox or other folders. MS Express can not detect where the e-mail downloading has been stopped. When you seek to open the message, the procedure may fail due to DBX file. Such corruption might lead to serious data loss and you need to opt for Outlook Express Repair solutions, Must be need of DBX Recovery.

When you attempt to open the emails downloaded in MS Express 5 or later versions, you may come across the below error message:

“An Outlook Express store file might be corrupted. Please use a utility such as ScanDisk to verify and repair any damaged files

Account Info

Error Number: 0x800C0155”

After the error message, all the emails stored in your Express folders become unapproachable.

Root of this problem

As mentioned in the above error message, you may face this circumstances due to corruption of the DBX files. DBX files are the main storage files which actually store all your e-mails and other data. It creates a separate DBX file for each not public (personal) folder like Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts etc.

The most key obsession, which Express lacks, is a built-in repair utility. When your DBX files become corrupted since of virus bug, improper system shutdown, hardware issues and other reasons, there is no method to repair and restore DBX files manually.

In such cases, you need to go for third party recovery software. This software is purposely designed to meticulously scan all spoiled DBX files and extract optimum data from them. These software come equipped with interactive and simple graphical user interface and allow you to attain rapid and complete recovery.

These Outlook Express Recovery software come with read-only and non-destructive design and thus execute safe recovery of your significant data. To ensure complete recovery, you should always choose for advanced and powerful applications.

Stellar Phoenix Outlook Express Recovery is the most controlling and capable Outlook Express Repair tool. It can repair and restore all the DBX file items. It can recover your significant data from DBX files of Outlook Express 6.0, 5.5, 5.01 and 5.0. The software is well-suited with Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and 2000.

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