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The first worm virus has been observed on the iPhone according to the internet security company called F-Secure. It is supposedly only attacking jailbroken iPhones and has not changed the root password from its original setting.

The cvirus is called “Ikee” and creates a new wall paper on your iPhone with Rick Astley on it.

This is probably just the pre-cursor of more to come – more serious viruses.

The newly detected worm with the name “Ikee” does not make much harm but internet security companies warn that worse things are yet to come.

Iphone users hit by the “Ikee” virus will get the ri wall papers changed to a picture of the pop singer from the 80’s called Rick Astley. The message “Ikee is never going to give you up” is also written on the screen.

The message reflects the internet event Rickrolling where the net users were tricked to click on a link that lead them to the music video with Rick Astley singing “Never going to give you up”.

The iPhone worm is only spread on phones which are jailbroken, that is hacked and the operator lock is broken enabling the users to use any operator and software not authorized by Apple.

The worm only succeed to attack phones that have not changed the default root password that was on the phone at purchase. The password is “alpine”.

The worm is spread through the network protocol SHH (Secure Shell) according to F-Secure. After the startup picture is changed the worm “Ikee” turns off the SHH serfvice on your phone and protects it against any new infections.

The creator of this worm has published the source code for the four existing variants of the worm. This opens for new variants very quick as people begin to explore the code in detail and refine this.

Mikko Hypponen, a security expert at F-Secure has written about this worm on his blogg.

Source by Stig Kristoffersen

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