Food Steamers – How And Why To Use A Food Steamer

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If you are reading this article you are interested in changing your health for the better! There are so many quality health reasons for steaming your food. Steaming your food will improve the taste of your food and reduce calorie intake, along with keeping in the much needed nutrients! This is just one easy way to change your eating habits! Food steamers are easy to clean up after use and who can resist that!?

Before Using Your Food Steamer For The First Time:

  • The first time you use your food steamer, be sure to get all stickers off and wash thoroughly with soapy water.
  • Place the steamer on a flat, stable surface with enough clearance from overhanging cupboards that may be damaged by escaping steam. Be sure to use pot holders to avoid burns. Steam will burn you if you don’t respect how to use your food steamer.
  • Make sure when filling water not to fill below the “LO” line and do not fill water above the “HI” line.
  • Be sure to use distilled water to avoid water deposits from developing in your water reservoir. It is a good idea to clean your water reservoir with white vinegar to remove any water deposits, especially if you are not using distilled water.

When Preparing Food For Your Food Steamer:

  • Be sure when preparing the food that you will be steaming you wash the fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken etc before putting in the steamer. Larger vegetables or larger cut size of your meat will determine how long you will need to steam. It will take longer with the larger cut size.
  • Keep this in mind when freezing portions: If you would like meals in a quicker time frame be sure to cut your food in smaller portions and freeze for later.
  • The food that will take the longest to cook should be in the lower steam dish to ensure the steam reaches that food first. As with all food preparation, it’s best to use the freshest ingredients possible.
  • If your food choices take a long time to cook, be sure to check the water level and add distilled water when needed. The water level should never fall below the “LO” line.

Health Reasons For Using A Food Steamer:

There are so many reasons for steaming your vegetables. We can steam our vegetables and receive the much needed nutrients in a fat free way of cooking, that commonly we don’t receive in our food choices today. Most of our meals in this day and age are infested with saturated fat and will increase our risk of high cholesterol, high triglycerides, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and this is just to name a few. You will not only be able to enjoy rice and vegetables but fruit, lamb, chicken, pasta, seafood, fish, game hens, pheasant and eggs.

Suggestions For Using Your Food Steamer:

  • A suggestion for all types of foods is to season or marinate first so the flavor steams directly into your food.
  • You should always cut everything into uniform size to ensure everything is done at the same time. As long as you keep everything in a single layer the steam will get to everything and will be all done at the same time.
  • Be sure to read the directions for the correct amount of water. If your water level is too high you will be boiling your food instead of steaming. Be sure to leave the lid on your steamer until the time has been completed. Every time you open the lid you are letting the steam escape and the food will not finish in a timely manner.

Additional Reasons For You To Own A Steamer:

  • A really easy way to have a fresh meal in your break room at work is to have a food steamer in your cupboard. If you have smaller cut up portions already frozen, you can have a fresh meal in minutes. Why have reheated food from last nights supper everyday out of the microwave, when you can have a fresh home cooked healthy meal!
  • Moms really like using steamers for making baby food or making the vegetables easy for toddlers to chew. They are not only getting food easy to eat but giving their child the nutrients they need to grow up strong and healthy.

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