Freedom of Speech on Internet ENDING ON DEC 14TH 2017

Posted on Nov 26 2017 - 6:46pm by Techy Hints

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If you live in the US, call your Congress Men. They represent YOU. Not a faceless Corporation. YOU ARE NEEDED HERE

Be civil, be polite, but tell the FCC and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai you like a free open internet, and this will hurt the online become and take away our most fundamental rights, including Freedom of Speech.
Call FCC 1-888-225-5322
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Net Neutrality is threatened by the FCC, and the internet as we know it may change forever. Net Neutrality requires to give everyone equal access to everything on the internet. That means that Verizon, Spectrum, Charter, AT&T, Comcast, and so on can’t charge you for using specific websites. What they want to do is what you see here, The FCC is moving to end Net Neutrality right now, and will give big cable companies the ability to charge you for using email, video packages, banking, listening to music, Spotify, Discord and Skype, or make you pay $5 for news packages. They want to make fast lanes, and slow lanes, depending on what packages you’ve paid for or haven’t paid for.

They can also charge you $5 or $10 a month, or whatever price they want, for you to even use Youtube This also implies that these companies will have to barter to Verizon or AT&T and that will drive up their own prices – BUT also smaller sites and small companies will have no chance to grow, and will be at the mercy of these ISPs not making their site go down to a crawl. This isn’t just about prices going up though, if someone makes a website exposing these companies or their affiliates of crimes or goes against their agenda, they can just block that site from you even accessing it. Whatever site they think you should be able to see or not see, they can change that in the near future.

You see this piece of shit? This piece of shit is hoping you idly stand by until it’s too late. Once these things are decided shit falls apart, and could take years to reverse, if ever.
I’ve left several links below, but signing the will only take a moment or you can use Facebook to login to sign it even faster. I know you may seem like just one person, but seriously, if everyone just helped protect the internet, yes, even you watching this, we will actually save the open internet. I don’t care if you’re democrat, republican, independent, or none of those, it really doesn’t matter, this will screw us all.

This will shatter innovation, artists, start up companies, and give even more monopolies to the top 1%, and basically create a shitty internet experience. Help save the internet.


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