Full development of the Android 2.2 froyo functions

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Since the release of Android phones started before 18 months, developed a Google Android phone to version 2.2, the same mind blowing development of Google Android phones.

Android 2.2 Froyo Launch

Froyo Launch Android 2.2
Google Android 2.2, which was officially released May 20, 2010 is proving to be a great competitor to Apples IPAD.
Features Android 2.2 froyo
Many major features compared to previous versions of Android.
Android 2.2 is much faster compared to older versions. Let them see some of the important features of the Android version 2.2
1 Speed is a game on the market for mobile telephony, mobile telephony, which is certainly no speed advantage in decision-making No. 1 spot in the market, Android focuses on the speed of applications for different layers other than the Linux operating system called Dalvik.
2 Compared to earlier versions of Android 2.2 has a great compiler, which helps open the Applications system faster than previously.
3 Google promises to 2x more performance compared to older versions
4 Benefits Javascript is now faster than previous versions
5 Google Android browser is faster and Adobe Flash support is really great progress in the release.
6 Speed and productivity growth is really great progress in this version
You really try and feel the difference Android Ver 2.2 Froyo

Via: Full development of the Android 2.2 froyo functions

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