Google plan to launch a new Operating System in 2010

Posted on Mar 18 2017 - 5:08am by Techy Hints

Google plan to launch a new Operating System in 2010

A new operating system based on the web browser Google Chrome is planned to be launched in 2010 by Google. If Google can keep what they promise it will become a competitive operating system to Microsoft Window for the notebook and netbook computers launched during the last 2 years.

Google announced that the operating system will be available for PC’s in the fall of 2010.

The operating system called Google Chrome OS will be based on their own Web browser Chrome-web browser, will primarily target the smaller PC’s known as note books or netbooks, but wil gradually be a system usable on the larger PC’s.

Google says this is their attempt to recreate the operating system to what it should be.

According to Google, the operating system should be minimal and only be a formality to start the web browser.

Speed, simplicity and security are key aspects when it comes to this new operating system. Most of its use will be on the web and as the Chrome web browser it will redesign the underlying architecture of security. The user will no longer have to worry about viruses and security updates any more.

The operating System will be based on a linux core, but the windows system will be new. In addition all applications will be made on the web, and will be possible to use on all standard web browsers like Firefox, Explorer and not only on Chrome web browser from Google.

 The source code will be open, and therefore will probably be offered for free

Google intend not only to make a new operating system, but make it in such a way that one can avoid using it (TechCrunch).

It yet remains to see what Apple will do to counter this challenge, as it has been the experience so far that Mac OS X has been less vulnerable to virus attacks than Microsoft Windows has.

In addition Microsoft Windows has made a large investment into their new Windows 7 which is launching these days.

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