Growing Apple Trees From Seeds – 22.5 Months Old

Posted on Nov 20 2017 - 6:20am by Techy Hints

I started the Gala Apple Trees grown from seeds (out of store bought Gala Apples) on 1/1/2016 so they’ve officially hit 22.5 months old now!
It’s been almost a few months since my last update. Since then, they’ve grown in height and in girth! The tallest one is almost 11 feet tall now with several branches forming.

I’ll also be showing off my 4+ year old Gala Apple tree (purchased from a local nursery 2 years ago) as well as my other 3 Gala Apple Trees that I started from seed on 5/16/16 (they’re already 18 months old now!).

I plan on keeping you all updated on their progress until they perish or produce! Thanks for watching!

Here is the entire series from episode 1:

I hope you are enjoying the journey along with me!

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