How Do I Fix Windows Xp Registry Errors?

Posted on Mar 23 2017 - 6:18pm by Techy Hints

The registry is the most important part of your Windows operating system because it is a directory where the settings and options for Windows are stored. All the information about your hardware, most non-operating system software, operating system software, users, preferences of the PC, and many more are contained there. Every time you make changes in your Control Panel settings, or software installed in your PC, or important things like system policy and file associations, your Windows registry will have record it.

If you have noticed a slowdown in your computer’s performance, or if it has become sluggish and crashes too often, chances are there’s problem in its registry. People who are fond of trying out different programs are prone to having their registry clogged with bad entries that cause it to be corrupted and fragmented. Some programs leave useless keys in the registry long after they are uninstalled. When your registry is full of useless trash it will take longer for the registry to go to the correct information it should summon because it would need to go through the useless keys and information. This will lead to errors and crashes. When this happens you need to clean your registry. Cleaning your registry manually is not recommended, it is for experts only. It also takes a lot of time to do it manually. There are good programs that can clean your registry safely. I recommend RegVac, it is very easy to use, you just run it and it will scan your registry for bad entries and useless trash. It has two modes, the Novice mode and the Expert mode. If you know nothing about the registry except that it needs to be cleaned regularly, you can just use the novice mode, click a few buttons and sit down and relax. The expert mode gives the user a better tweaking of the registry but as the name implies, it is for experts only.

Other highly recommended programs are and Regcure. is not only a registry cleaner, it is also capable of system optimization, disk clean up, and many more helpful miscellaneous tasks that could help maintain your PCs good performance. I used it when I was using Windows XP. But I guess it is not that good when used with Windows Vista, some programs failed to launch after I did a registry and disk clean up with it. So I stick to RegVac in cleaning up my Windows Vista registry. For Window XP is one of the best utility for keeping your registry clean.

Regcure on the other hand helps you clean the registry, and repair system errors that are causing

your PC to run in a sluggish manner. It can detect bad entries and removes them. It also defragments your registry. Entries altered by virus are also fixed by Regcure.

The key to your PC’s health is the registry, keep it clean and running smoothly. Try the tools I recommended and see how your PC performs better. A simple registry scan a day will keep the crashes away.

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