How to Call Brazil Landlines and Mobile Phone Numbers Without a Calling Card

Posted on Mar 24 2017 - 6:22pm by Techy Hints

Calling cards for Brazil are costing you way too much money. In economic times such as the ones we’re passing through, it’s a true waste of your resources when you could be using much cheaper and convenient ways to call Brazil.

There’s a service called Marque Directo that charges a super low $0.045 per minute, all day every day, and makes it much easier to call Brazil landline and Brazil mobile phones.

Unlike calling cards, Marque Directo lets you:

· Call Brazil from the USA without dialing 1-800 numbers, entering PIN codes, or fighting with robot operators.

· Turn any landline or mobile Brazil phone number into an easy to remember or save local US number to keep for life.

· Manage your account online. You can add credit or earn free minutes for your account online and quickly.

With Marque Directo you can sign-up for free and have up to 166 free minutes to call Brazil. It takes less than 5 minutes. You create your account, turn your Brazil landline and Brazil mobile phone numbers in to local US numbers and start calling.

Go to and see why so many have stopped using calling cards for Brazil and turned to their service.

Source by Sean Gill

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