How to Clean Windows

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Windows form one of the most important aspects of a house. Not only do they provide your house with proper ventilation, but also ensure adequacy of natural lighting. In fact, there must be enough windows in your house to let you get along the day, without turning on any artificial lighting. At the same time, you need to ensure that your windows are clean.

Washing Windows

Washing windows can be a thankless job. Or it can help bring light and sparkle into your home. Read here for tips, techniques, and tools to help make washing windows easier.

A Homemade Glass Cleaner

Add all ingredients to a small spray bottle, then fill the bottle with water and shake well. You can substitute 3 tablespoons vinegar or lemon juice for the ammonia.

Clean Windows with Vinegar

If you have tried to clean your windows with plain vinegar and gotten streaks, there is a simple reason and an easy remedy.Oddly enough, it was the task of cleaning windows tha tahugenumberowell-intentioned, environmentallyfriendly consumers away from non-toxic cleaning using thesimple ingredients that can be found in most kitchen cupboards.

Clean Windows With Lemon

this is good to know. Can’t you get seeds out of the lemon juice just by squeezing it with the skin facing down, not up. And Like This You Can Clean Your Window.

Clean Windows Like a Professional

Buy a 12 inch brass squeegee like the ones you’ve seen professionals use. They are surprisingly easy to come by. A simple T-shaped one will do fine. The fancy ones are mostly unneccessary for home use.

Get a bucket and some detergent (not carwash, because it contains wax — dishwashing or laundry detergent will suffice). Don’t use too much! You don’t want suds everywhere.

Dip a sponge into the solution, allowing the sponge to absorb just enough water to cover the window without flooding it.Press the squeegee down the area of the window directly beside the one you just cleaned, stopping at the same place.

How To Clean Glass & Mirrors Without Chemicals

Want our honest opinion? You don’t really need chemicals to clean glass, mirrors and windows – or the most you’ll need is abit of washing up liquid. There are lots of eco-friendly ways to clean glass, mirrors and windows, some quicker and with better results than others.

Clean Windows Without Glass Cleaner

Get a bottle of rubbing alcohol. The alcohol is the effective cleanser in cleaning the window. Isopropyl rubbing alcohol is the right kind to use. Do not use wine or any other substance containing other alcohols, or otherwise isopropyl not by itself.Stand back and stare at your shiny window

How to Clean Up a Windows Spyware Infestation

The consequences in this case are fairly minimal since this isn’t even my secondary machine– it’s a special-purpose PC dedicated to gaming. Reinstalling the operating system is no big deal. But it’s still an inconvenient timesink, and in any case, the spyware infestation has to be dealt with because it causes serious performance problems and will even interrupt gameplay with incessant popups.

To remove paint spatters you spot: For recently applied paint, use water or glass cleaner (for latex paint) or a cloth dipped in turpentine (oil-based paint). Glass cleaner could soften water-based paint, so if some gets on a painted surface, blot it off—don’t rub. The paint will harden once it’s dry. Wipe away putty marks with ammonia.

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