How to Enable or Disable Services in Windows 7

Posted on Mar 15 2017 - 4:12pm by Techy Hints

Windows 7, newest operating system in the Windows series, is offering several enhanced features like aero, aero peek, aero shake etc. that will help users in many ways. But the speed of computer might suffer due to these additional features. So, depending on the requirements, there is a constant need to turn off and on the features.

Steps to enable services in Windows 7:

Users go to control panel and in the Administrative Tools icon, click services. Another option for doing this is to go to Start Menu and in the search line type services.msc, then press Enter. You will have to provide  password for the administrators approval in the UAC prompt. Then, select the particular service, for disabling or enabling it, and right-click on it, then click on properties.

For disabling a particular service follow these steps:

Click the stop button in the properties window. Then Wait till the service stops. After that, click on drop down menu in the Startup type. Then, click ok after selecting the on Apply button.

For enabling a particular service follow these steps:

Click the drop down menu in the Startup type. Then click on apply after selecting Automatic or Manual. Click on ok after selecting the Start button. Change the Startup type to Automatic and click on Ok, then if users found that the Start option is inactive, then restart the Computer.

Disabling any service does not promises users that the system performance will be increased, in case they feel that system performance is going down then follow these steps:

Users should boot their system in the safe mode then reset the settings from the Advanced Boot Option.

In latest Windows 7 many services are present which are undesirable, but users can disable these services also. These services are – IP Helper, Secondary Logon, Remote Registry, Application Experience, Themes, Windows firewall (if users have a security software installed on their system) , Server (if users are not connected with any network) ,  Windows updates, Computer Browser, Windows Time, Print Spooler, Error Reporting Service, Windows security center, Offline Files, Desktop Window Manager Session Manager, Protected Storage, Windows Search, Diagnostic Policy Service, TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper, Portable Device Enumerator Service, Tablet PC Input Service, Distributed Link Tracking Client, Windows Media Center Service Launcher.

In order to disable these services users press enter msconconfig after pressing the Win+R. Then select that particular service which you want to disable from tabs. There will be some services which will not be present like Nero and other software. When some of theundesirable services will be removed, then the system’s performance might increase. The point that should be kept in mind here is that if users disable any important service, then the system’s performance can even slow down. So, select the services with an intensive care.

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