How To Get Rid Of Avira Anti Virus Completely

Posted on Mar 19 2017 - 3:56am by Techy Hints

I believe many computer users have been annoyed by Avira Anti Virus. It can not only modify Registry; insert Explorer.exe; but also infect all the EXE, SCR files on your computer. Actually, Avira Anti Virus is released by Troj.StartPage.e. If you want to get rid of this Avira Anti Virus completely, you need to read this review and get the most effective way to fix Avira Anti Virus!

What is Avira Anti Virus?

What is Avira Anti Virus? It is a type of Trojans that can affect Internet Explorer and release infective virus on your computer. This Avira Anti Virus can not only modify settings on Internet Explorer, but also connect to certain websites automatically. Moreover, Avira Anti Virus can alter Host files on your system and then disable your PC from visiting any other sites. At the same time, Avira Anti Virus will release Avira Anti Virus, so as to infect all the EXE and SRC files on your system. Once you start up your PC, virus will launch automatically and spread instantly! Due to the unknown mechanism, it can hide itself completely, which let the security tool hard to detect and remove it!

How to remove Avira Anti Virus completely?

For you convenience, you can read the following tips and use them to remove Avira Anti Virus instantly! Before you take the following actions, please back up your important data first.

  1. Go to Start—Run—input regedit. You will see the Registry Editor. Find this item from Registry Editor.


When you find Avira Anti Virus delete the item that starts with P.

  1. Open My Computer and C disk. Firstly, please back up important files. Then eliminate all the Temp files/folders on your computer.
  2. Reboot your PC and then launch your security tool to detect and remove virus threats from your system. After running the Full scan, virus will be removed completely!

Get the best tool for removing Avira Anti Virus

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