How to Get TV Shows on Your Iphone

Posted on Apr 30 2017 - 7:52am by Techy Hints

One of the many questions that iPhone users have to face is this, so far I’ve did my best to answer all the previous questions, this is one of the most comprehensive topic of them all. It’s a very exciting feature if you really take into consideration the limited magnitude of an Apple iPhone, and then to realize the capability thereof that make you start asking whether the possibilities are endless – well, quite literally, they are endless. How to get TV shows or movies onto your iPhone?

It may seem like a really complicated question, but this issue is quite simple! You have two choices of achieving this; firstly you could download a TV show episode or a movie from Apple’s iTunes store, and these video files are specifically designed for your device, from size to resolution quality to audio preferences, it’s a completely ready-made service. You don’t have to get it from the iTunes online store though, there are tons of online providers supplying the video downloading services and are equipped with the same device-specific features that your iPhone requires.

Secondly, you could opt to convert movies or video files that you already have, like a DVD for instance, or various types of video formats, to the specification that your iPhone needs. These two methods are best done using a computer, and if you’re planning to download, an Internet connection would be a necessity. What iPhone users need to understand between downloading a normal DVD or an encoded video is that since these “iPhone-Friendly” videos are minimized in resolution due the magnitude of an iPhone, which greatly reduces the file-sizes of these videos, thus making download-time and direct-device storage a lot less of a hassle!

Keep in mind that because the resolution has been downsized on these video files, that in no way will you lose quality when watching them on your iPhone, since the screen-size of an iPhone is rather small compared to that of your computer screen or television set. Now we look at how you get these shows onto your iPhone, and it’s exactly how you would get any computer files on. All you got to do is establish a stable connecting between your Apple iPhone and your computer, using a transfer cable. From there you can send video files using iTunes, deleted videos, or download videos currently stored on the iPhone. It’s a simple drag and drop operation and it works beautifully!

That’s pretty much the only way to get video files onto your iPhone, and I highly doubt that any other way would work better. Always remember that you should take great caution as to what you’re transferring onto your Apple iPhone, the same goes when downloading iPhone games, especially if you’re converting your own videos to use on it. If you’re looking for iPhone converting tools, do an online search or browse some of the online stores that provide services for iPhones and you wont have to look too far as they’re quite popular! So go ahead and enjoy your special little Apple iPhone!

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