How to Read a Micrometer

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The micrometer that is manufactured by Mitutoyo Tools is meant to be far more accurate and affordable than other options on the market. The company has always had the objective of making mechanical micrometers that are standardized and offer a large range of measurement instruments. There are several kinds of Mitutoyo micrometers but the features that are most common amongst them are the display readouts, a fixed line system, and an electronic LCD display.

Mitutoyo Tools have a special instructions manual to be followed that will tell you how to properly read your micrometer. First, close the micrometer around the object that you want to be measured. Once this has been completed, lock the nut so that the object is secure within its grasp and does not shift. This will ensure that you are able to take accurate readings.

The next thing that the Mitutoyo Tools micrometer will allow you to do is to read the last visible number. This will appear on the stationary barrel sleeve. Make certain that you do not look for it on the rotating thimble. Each of the numbered lines is 1.100 inch; therefore, if you find that you can see the reading of 4 but not 5 then the measurement is at 0.400 inch value.

Following this, go ahead and count how many unnumbered vertical lines are located on the barrel sleeve. This will be after the last numbered increment. Each of these is of 0.025 inch. Next, find the line on the rotating thimble that aligns with the horizontal datum line. This is to be found on the stationary barrel sleeve. Find out the numerical value and the numbers will be in 0.001 inch increments. If you read it as 12, then this means that the measurement is at 0.012 inch.

Finally, add the number that you see on the rotating thimble to the 0.100 inch and the 0.025 inch values. If you see the 4 inch and two unnumbered lines, then the reading is 0.450 inch. This is how you will be able to get the final reading on the instrument.

Ensure that you keep these things in mind while using these mechanical digit displays by Mitutoyo Tools. The micrometer should close tightly around the object by locking the nut tightly and also make certain that the product being measured has no chance of moving around.

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