How to sync Lotus Notes with CompanionLink Software for Motorola Droid

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Companion Link Software

Link Software Companion
Product: CompanionLink for Google
Cost: $39.95(single)
Other Droid Info: http : //
Unfortunately for some of us who are committed to using the Lotus Notes and do not have the luxury Microsoft Outlook, which is accessible for us to synchronize our facilities are extremely limited. Are you using Windows Mobile, Blackberry users, users of Apples iPhone / Android users, or even trying to find software that is a good sync is rare.
In the past, when using devices running Windows Mobile, I used the CommonTime software company. The product known as mNote. As a BlackBerry user, foruntately features offered in the Blackberry Desktop Manager. This time I decided to try something else. mNote CommonTime support Android sync, I will assess that another time.
CompanionLink for Google offers wireless device syncing for Android. It exports Lotus Notes calendars, contacts and tasks(tasks) and sync it with Google products offered at From there, depending on the Android device is down with synchronization 3G, EDGE or some wireless signal to your phone. In my case, this is a new Motorola Droid offered by Verizon Wireless.
setup is very simple. Quick and simple installation wizard will go and Im done. The software offers one way and two way synchronization. At a time synchronization must be made through the network or wireless connection. USB function soon, according to their site.
What must be
* Googles Gmail or Google Apps account
* CompanionLink for Google
* GroupWise on your computer
* Google Sync Services configured phone

Google Sync

Google Sync
data, which will sync
* Contact
* Calendar of events and details
* Recurring Events
* Many calendars
* Reminders and calendar entries(only the phone audio alarms)

Google Sync Login

Google Sync Login
Other possibilities
* Set Auto Sync synchronization transparent background
* Select one or two-way synchronization
* See summary of overdue tasks in Google
* Google Apps Support(All Versions)
* Ability to disable personal data from sync
* Free technical support and software updates

Google Sync

Google Sync
* Quick and easy setup
* vs. small installation of other software out there
* You do not need Active Sync
* Not required for USB connection
* Can not sync Notes / Journal Entry
* Internet connection required for synchronization to occur, there is no local USB sync offered
* It is not free

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