HP Slate vs. iPad: which is the better Tablet?

Posted on Mar 2 2017 - 9:08pm by Techy Hints

What is the difference between the HP Slate and the Apple iPad?

There are many differences actually and I would suggest that everyone have a gander at what these differences are before they make a decision. The HP Slate is a great iPad alternative but is it better than the iPad? I don’t think so but you might! Have a look below for all the comparisions.

HP Slate vs. iPad: Price

The iPad will cost you anywhere from $499 to $800+ and it all really depends upon which hard drive you are looking to get and what wireless you are looking to get. The more the hard drive space the more the price. The more wireless power, the more the price. The HP Slate will cost you in the $500 range so you should not be too worried as to cost for the HP Slate. I also suggest the Slate for business men rather than normal folk

HP Slate vs. iPad: Hard Disk Space

The HP slate has a hard drive of 32 to 64 gb while the iPad goes from 16gb to 64 gb. There are two versions of the HP Slate while there are 3 versions of the iPad. The iPad has 16gb,32gb, and 64gb models for you to choose from to satisfy your hard drive needs.

HP Slate vs. iPad: Battery Life

The battery life of the Apple iPad is a whopping 10 hours which is alright. The battery life of the Hp Slate tablet computer device is only 5 hours which pretty much is less than good. It really sucks as far as battery life goes but not worse than the Dell Inspiron Duo.

Those are just a few comparisons of the HP Slate vs. iPad but if you think that you would like to learn more see the link in the bio.

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