Introducing Android, the Most Popular Mobile OS

Posted on Jul 10 2017 - 7:17pm by Techy Hints

Android operating system is today’s leading operating system was relatively new when compared to its competitors, but the system proved able to compete with the another OS system and can even leads the market. We can see the evidence of the sale of android worldwide capable accepted well by the market. Google’s Android was developed and first appeared in 2007 with its first mobile phone G1 T-Mobile.

Android operating system is Linux-based Mobile Phone. Android is open source which source code is free for developers to create their applications can be able to run on Android. Android-based mobile devices that have been developed with very significant, as well as in terms of mobile advertising. if we want to advertise on android we can try android advertising then there is the so-called android SDK.

Android SDK is created to make it easy for publishers to implement the ads on their applications and it can also help advertisers to promote their products on mobile Android. Android SDK is provided free of charge to the publisher for use in their applications. On the other hand, advertisers will also get benefit from this advertising android. Unlike conventional WAP ads, ads android can respond interactively to the user such as click-to-call, the click-to-Folder or streaming video.

Google android development for the past three years has been phenomenal and freeing developers to create attractive alternatif in addition to the iPhone. Estimated that approximately 30% of people who are planning to buy a smartphone is more interested in buying the product android. with nearly the same amount of people will buy apple products by 29%. but only 1% growth for the apple and 9% for android based survey conducted comparisons.

Most of the complaints by users android is too minimal amount of storage capacity making it difficult for programmers to create applications android. but apparently the bug has been addressed by the google android market that now has to compete with Apple app store. The other thing is the Android OS is very good, fast and strong and has an intuitive user interface that is packed with options and flexibility. Google continues to expand.

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