Introducing the Coinvest Hardware Wallet

Posted on Apr 6 2018 - 4:26pm by Techy Hints

We are introducing the Coinvest hardware wallet to complement our investment trading platform to help consumers seamlessly invest in cryptocurrencies and secure their assets… all-in-one simple beautiful integrated solution.

The Coinvest hardware wallet offers state-of-the art design and architecture featuring:
– A cryptographic coprocessor with secure hardware-based key storage and asymmetric and symmetric cipher support
– Linux operating system using a SAMA5D2 pre-PCI certified processor
– 4.3” LED backlit full touchscreen display with 480×272 resolution
– FIDO/U2F support to use COIN wallet as a security token for two-factor authentication
– A single USB-C connection with support for authenticating desktop and mobile devices
– A dedicated screen and authentication chip to protect consumers even if the host computer is infected with a virus or malware
– Support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, and more

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