Klemens Schillinger’s lamps supply electricity in exchange for users’ smartphones

Posted on Nov 30 2017 - 4:33am by Techy Hints

Austrian product designer Klemens Schillinger has created a lamp that lights up only once the user is willing to surrender their smartphone.

With the appearance of a standard household light, this Offline Lamp has a drawer integrated into its pedestal that requires a small object, like a smartphone, to be placed inside in order to turn on.

Based on the saying “out of sight, out of mind,” Schillinger’s lamp urges users to direct their attention away from their mobile phones and towards more worthwhile activities, like reading or working.

“The drawer is like a magical chest that requests a small object like a smartphone to be put inside,” said the Vienna-based designer.

“When you give something, you get something in return. In this case, you trade the often uncontrollable urge to check for new messages for a bit of light that invites you to read a book instead, or just focus on your work.”

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