LG G Flex X Foldable Smartphone Concept Introduction,based on Patent Documents

Posted on Apr 13 2018 - 7:57pm by Techy Hints

LG G Flex X Foldable Smartphone Concept Introduction :
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Recently we reported about foldable Smartphone patent application from LG published by World Intellectual Property Organization (here), which shows us the smartphone with two separate screens dual curved edged screen held together by a hinge design. The patent also reveled that the two screen can be convert into one large display when unfolded. The two individual screens are able to open and combine to form one single display or to be used as separate display in folded mode which will make it look like a normal smartphone. This design seems to be so practical and could be done using the technology available right now , this inspired us to create this fordable smartphone concept which we would like to call LG G Flex X.


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