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Microsoft Dynamics GP is localised for Australia, Canada, Ireland, Latin America (Andean, Caribbean, and Central America, Mexico, South Cone), Middle East (East Mediterranean, Egypt, Gulf Region, Saudi Arabia), New Zealand, North West Central and East Africa, South Africa, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom, United States, Europe. The international nature of GP thus established, the rest of this post will deal with Europe issues (not just European Union Member Countries…but all countries geographically included in ‘Europe’)

Microsoft Dynamics GP has been supporting business in Europe since Version 1 (I know…I’ve worked with it in Europe since Version 1!!).  I’ve yet to find an organisation that had specific European Financial or Regulatory requirements that could not be met by GP. In the very early days, we did have to develop some add ons to handle specific European issues, but these have been replaced with standard software by version 7.5 back in the day.

Localisation is concerned with two factors:

  1. Language translation support – GP Supports U.S. English, International English, French, Canadian, and Latin American Spanish. For any ASCII based language, it is not impossible (and in most cases quite straighforward) to ‘modify’ the system to display alternative language texts on windows, reports etc. In most cases, internal English based systems, with local language reports, (Customer and Supplier facing reports, Financial Statements etc.), is quite acceptable, especially where the Local install is a subsidiary of an international concern and centralising on GP makes sense.
  2. Additional functionality to handle local accounting and regulatory requirements.

Outside of the general international nature of Microsoft Dynamics GP (Such as the EFT Module being equally useful in Europe as anywhere else), much of the functionality required to operate in the EU is included ‘out of the box’ such as Intrastat Reporting (including electronic files), VAT Daybook including VAT Return templates, Reverse Charge VAT, Witholding Tax, Euro Conversion, Multi Lingual Cheques, Shipping Documents (Germany). Additional European localisation comes with Dynamics GP 2010 including ACCON and ETAFI reports for Belgium and France and additional German Tax data extractions. The standard GP approach to VAT works throughout Europe in countries where single VAT rates apply to transactions, to countries where both Federal and State taxes apply, including Intra EU trading, whether the local country is a member of the European Union or not, or whether Trade Agreements exist or not.

Generally, local regulatory and reporting requirements, if not handled out of the box can be dealt with through report / data export design. Specific local requirements such as Storno in Holland can easily be catered for with minor development. Smaller international and emerging EU countries generally have accepted GAAP and standardised financial control and governance so these are ideal Microsoft Dynamics GP territories. Larger countries such as Russia tend to be a harder nut to crack, and not just for GP, given the plethora of local legal and tax compliance issues. One thing – Microsoft Dynamics GP Payroll is relevant only to US and Canada. To be honest, not a huge issue in Europe given the number of quality Payroll systems on the market that can integrate to GP easily, and the increasing tendancy of Local offices to outsource payroll processing to specialised Bureau’s.

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