Microsoft Windows Embedded Certification Exams Guide

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Am embedded system is a specialized computer that is part of a larger machine or system. Typically, we have a single microprocessor board with all the programs stored in ROM. Some embedded systems include an operating system but the majority of them are specialized so that the entire logic can be implemented in one single program.

Microsoft has designed a family of operating systems. Depending on what you are looking for and what your company needs, you can choose from a variety of Windows Embedding systems. The list of the existent systems is the following:

  • Windows Embedded Compact
  • Windows Embedded Standard
  • Windows Embedded Professional
  • Windows Embedded Industry
  • Windows Embedded Automotive
  • Windows Embedded Server

The Windows Embedded Compact, also known as Windows CE, is very well known worldwide. It was designed for small embedded system and computers. The Windows Mobile is a specialized version of the Windows Embedded Compact. It comes in four different variants: Windows Mobile Classic (used for Pocket PC), Windows Mobile Standard (used for smartphones), Windows Mobile Professional (used for both Pocket PC Phone Edition and PDA) and Windows Mobile for Automotive (mainly used for entertainment/information/communication systems in automobiles). The Windows Mobile has now been replaced with the Windows Phone 7 which isn’t compatible with the previous products. The Windows Phone 7 is also based on the Windows Embedded Compact.

The Windows Embedded Standard from 2009 is an updated version of the Windows XP Embedded.

The Windows Embedded Professional combines the Windows XP Embedded systems and the Windows Vista Embedded systems.

The Windows Embedded Industry is a brand used for industry devices. In January 2013 has been released a preview of the Windows Embedded 8 Industry which has been released to manufacturing in April 2013.

The Windows Embedded Automotive is based on the Windows Embedded Compact for use in the computer systems in automobiles.

The Windows Embedded Server is the same as desktop server products.

When talking about the advantages concerning the use of embedded systems, these are numerous:

  • The efficiency and design of these embedded systems are easier to use and maintain.
  • Due to the fact that the embedded systems have smaller parts, the cost to repair or change them isn’t that high.
  • The embedded systems are easier to maintain because the supply power is in the system thus not needing remote maintenance.
  • As a difference between other system models, the embedded systems don’t require redundant maintenance and programming.

All in all, no matter what others say, the Windows Embedded family is the answer you are looking for. Having over fifteen years of experience in this particular field and one platform that continuously brings the latest innovations on the market; the Windows Embedded systems are always a good choice.

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