No Outlook Express In Windows 7?

Posted on Mar 14 2017 - 9:48am by Techy Hints

Many XP users who have finally decided to upgrade to a newer version of Windows are noticing they are missing Outlook Express.  Windows Vista got rid of the program and Windows 7 still does not have it because Outlook Express is basically discontinued.  If you are quite attached to Outlook Express there are a few options that you have.

The first option is to go to Microsoft’s site and download Outlook Express.  The download link still exists and the program will work on Windows 7.  This is what many users are doing since they are used to the program.

Another option is to use the program Windows Live Mail.  This is the default mail program that is included with Windows 7 that people switched over to when upgrading from XP to Vista.

The third option you have is to actually buy Outlook online or from a store.  This will be the expensive option but it’s the full featured version of the software that you enjoy and better than Outlook Express.  This gives some assurance that if the Outlook Express download is ever taken down at least you own the software.

The last option to consider is going with an open source mail program like Thunderbird.  When Windows 7 goes to a new operating system, you switch to Mac, or decide to use Linux, Thunderbird will always be the same piece of software and won’t force you to upgrade to something you don’t like as much.  This makes it so that you have a long term program you can use for your email.

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