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if you could have $1000 dollars to spend on any phone, what would you buy??

Acer n35 internet access?
ive just bought myself an acer n35 next to gps and all that jazz, but i want to walk on the internet and msn with it- presently i have really no idea what im doing to be clearly honest, the instruction manual be as helpful as a ski suit contained by the sahara! ive read somewhere i need an external antenna- but its get a gps antenna built in so what do i entail that for? and do these even exist?? if someone can help me set this damn entity up i would be most greatfull! or at least relay me where i can take one of these external antennas from!! thanks!

Active sync sprint mogul support?
I bought a sprint mogul off a friend and im trying to integer out how to use active sync, i downloaded it bad the microsoft website and when i hook up my phone to the usb cable nothing happen ive tried everything, any ideas?

Aim on the blackberry curve 8310?
Okay so you know how you can message someone from your AIM buddy list? Well does it cost more money if you choose to message them on their mobile phone? Im not discussion about using AIM on a phone. I’m chitchat about that character on your buddy list (with the little phone symbol subsequent to it) and you message it. Does it count as a text message? I’m asking this because my parents give the impression of being to think it cost more even though I hold unlimited texting

Answer these question if you enjoy a palm centro! please!?
Im getting one next month and I wanna know… What does a palm centro hold on it? (like internet—-stuff—-more stuff) Does the pictures come out clear?

Any unknown trellis browers to download for palm centro?
Does anyone know if there is any place to download trellis browers like opus mini for the palm centro? I used to have opus mini on my rumor but when i tried to get it on the centro it said i needed java, but palm does not support this software any longer. So is within any way to gain opera mini to work on the centro or is in that any other web browers approaching it that i could download?

Any who have a Zipit?
I am considering buying a Zipit, but before I spend adjectives that money, I want to know a little more almost it. Here is what I want to know: -Is it worth the money? -Do you enjoy it? -What are some of the cool features of a Zipit? Thanks for adjectives your help!

Anybody hold a blackberry?
I have the Blackberry curve through ATT and it say my internet isn’t working… i just get it yesterday and it’s not letting me connect to the internet or use the gps for that matter. also… any tips for using it?

Anyone know a well-mannered place to gain a digital organizer.(not a palm pilot)?
I got this one from Jcpenny’s something like 2 years ago and I lost it. It was a voice recorder, it have a full keyboard and even games on it . Try to stay lower than 50$ . Please give a hand ! 5 points for best answer! 🙂

Anyone near this GPS?
Does anyone have this GPS system? The Garmin nuvi 200 GPS. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/olspage.jsp?… Lets only just say I am HORRIBLE beside directions. I have a few question really on this certain GPS. I want to buy this one because its affordable. I know they don’t articulate the street names, but when they vote turn left, how soon do they vote it…. I don’t want to be driving 55MPH and they say win off this exit and I already passed it. I don’t really travel, I newly have trouble finding my path around the area I in actuality live in. I have a feeling this purchase will make my sense of direction a bit stronger….Also, let say I go out somewhere (out of town with friends).. and I followed them out near, and they suddenly left beside me still having to do a few things…. I dont know where on earth I am… can I put in simply my home address and will it tell me which mode to get home?

Anyone who have a blackberry please!?
I have have my blackberry pearl for about 3 months in a minute and i still can’t figure out how to narrative things. I know that you can record voice, but what about descriptions?? thanks!

Are Blackberry’s any obedient?
i wanted to buy a Blackberry phone but im not sure if theyre devout or not, everyone seems to own a different opinon on them? wats urs?

Are here any phones beside a full keyboard(abc) for AT&T where on earth you dont enjoy to acquire a medium packet?
plzzz help me! i be going to a keyboard near all the packages and a space bar and so forth.

Are mobile games from http://www.mobilerated.com risk-free to download and play or are here virus on them?
I just get a new phone beside not too many games, so I want to download some. Unfortunatly, I am on a budget, so I want to know if these free games are nontoxic or not.

Are near any cool free apps for psp?
I was in recent times wondering if there are any free cool applications for the psp. I already enjoy windows xp on my psp which is awesome, but I be just wanting other ones too.

Australia – Blackberry (Curve & Pearl)?
>> PLEASE READ << I’m looking to buy a BlackBerry Curve or Pearl model smartphone in Australia (Brisbane) below or around $400. If anyone knows of any Australian websites or in-person shops (Brisbane) where on earth I can find a BlackBerry Curve or Pearl model under or around $400, I will be forever grateful. Thanks, Otby22

Battery power for ATT Tilt?
I have an ATT Tilt phone (HTC) which I really love. There is one problem. It go though the battery within like three hours if you are using it. I be wondering if anyone out there have a solution on how I can get more battery-operated power. I would even consider a power pack of sort if one is available. I use a sling box with my phone for when similar to I am at a baseball game and want to see the broadcast too. I also resembling to use the internet a lot. When I am at home or my department, I keep it plugged contained by. Thanks for any help out at hand.

Best Keyboard for my Tungsten E Handheld?
I want a keyboard underneath $20 that works with my Tungsten E. Something folds out to standard size and won’t be floppy but can be compact and folded when requisite. Thank you!

Best mobile emulation platform?
Between Symbian, Windows mobile, Palm OS, and iPhone, what should I get for apposite emulation? I am getting tired of playing the incredibly slow J2ME NES and Game Boy emulators, so I want a new phone that can run better emulators.

Best upright for my Tungsten E Handheld?
I want a keyboard beneath $20 that works with my Tungsten E. Something folds out to standard size and won’t be floppy but can be compact and folded when critical. Thank you!

Best Video compression for Pocket PC? .flv?
Hello, I have a ATT Tilt, and I would resembling to add some movies. The movies I enjoy are around 700mb. I know I could squash them more, but what would be good for a Pocket PC? I be going to use .flv, because those video sizes are small but I know on the PC the video quality sucks. Maybe on a Pocket Pc it would be fine? Any concept? Thanks!

Big problem beside psp cutsom firmware v.m33-3?
ok so i wanted this matter so i made an extra copy of my original flash0 later i pasted the exotic one right over top of the old one and next i restarted my psp, the problem is when i turn it on the only point you see is the green light! and i cogitate i bricked my psp but im not sure and if i did brick it how do i unbrick it? because right now i cant even access the salvage files to delete that theme! i requirement help please i dont know what to do:C..this sucks and adjectives i need is to know how to achieve it connected to the computer again, anyways anything will help whoever answers best get the points!

Blackberry 7250 next to USB?
I don’t have internet or record messaging. I bought a used 50 dollar blackberry from a guy at school, no instructions or anything. it have a charger and USB. even if I can’t text or use the web, can’t I still keep files and such? Like lift notes and use folders? if this is free to download, please tolerate me know. I think I might enjoy wasted that money, what do you reason?

Blackberry 8100 comfort?
What phones are compatible with bluetooth, on the Blackberry Pearl. Because i contemplate that might be the problem when it says nouns failed

Blackberry 8120 Won’t turn on,?
If i put a battery surrounded by it then the phone turns on but go onto a white screen consequently turns off and the red night light flashes and it keeps turning on n doing equal thing till the battery-operated dies. anyone kno how to fix it?

Blackberry 8300 back!?
Can someone tell me if a blackberry curve 8300 is myfaves expert?

Blackberry 8300 vs. 8310?
Does anyone know if the 8300 is just as angelic as the 8310? Does the 8300 have a camera?

Blackberry 8300 world edition synchronization?
okay, i know that to start i have to plug surrounded by my blackberry, then i stipulation to open synchronize next go to configuration, consequently configure synch… but what do i do when the configure synch… choice can’t be selected? lend a hand!?

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