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A majority different kinds of Spy Devices are wholesale by we ePathChina, including the security equipments which can be carried around you, the hidden spy camera which fixed in home, and so on.

Do you want to be a cool person like the James Bond in the 007 series of films? Now, I will tell you good news, your dream can come true. Take the spy sun glasses, built-in Camcorder Wrist Watch, and a cool Pinhole Lens Lighter on, you will become the James Bond in real life.

1. 4GB Sun Glasses of 1.3 MP Spy Cameras

sunglasses spy camera
The Stylish Design with the Camera of a 1.3 MP CMOS Color and two button for easy control. The extra capacity wit 4 GB is another feature of this one.
2. 4GB High Resolution Spy Camcorder Wrist Watch
The hidden lens with advanced high definition video and pure audio lets you clearly see who’s there and hear what he says without found. The luxurious outline can be a symbol of your honorable position.
3. 2GB Pinhole Lens Lighter Spy Camera with Color Video and Audio

lighter spy camera
It is a super lighter with a hidden lens at the bottle of the lighter. It will become your deadly weapon on crucial moment to monitor enemy without observation with a quit unexpected wonderful design.

Except for the spy devices above for putting on body, there are also many other security equipment relied in monitoring which can be set up in home and other large-scale buildings.
4. White Spy Electronic Outlet with Hidden Camera support TF Card
The Electronic Outlet Hidden Camera can be mounted and replace in any standard electrical socket with a Hidden Spy Camera Recording Audio and Video. Then you can see if there is any strangers break into your house.

5. 4GB High Definition Spy DVR Camera Clock

clock spy cameraThis lovely clock has the same fundamental function as the spy product above.

6. LCD Mini Spy DVR with Pinhole CCD Camera
This Spy DVR can monitor scene with High – definition Pinhole CCD Camera and Built-in high sensitivity Microphone Recording in real time display. It support multi-function including Video Record, Video Playback, Audio Recording, Audio Playback, System Setting, etc.

You can pick one suitable for your family, your office or just for you, making you and the people who around you keep trend and become a cool man. Lots different kinds of spy devices are provided by we ePathChina.

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