PUBG Mobile is UPSET with Fortnite MOBILE (Android & iOS Download)

Posted on Apr 4 2018 - 5:43am by Techy Hints

Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile have their differences, but PUBG Mobile is UPSET with Fortnite mobile. Here’s why PUBG Mobile hates Fortnite Mobile (Android & iOS Downloads)

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Here’s the reasons why PUBG Mobile is upset and angry with Fortnite Mobile gameplay. Fortnite Mobile Android release date is around the corner and multiple Fortnite Mobile Android players cannot wait for the full release of the official Fortnite Android Mobile game. However, with the recent release success of PUBG Mobile on Android, many PUBG Mobile players are able to download the game now on their Android tablets and phones. Regardless, PUBG Mobile players don’t seem to mind but the PUBG Mobile developers seem to dislike how the release of Fortnite Mobile and other Fortnite games have released to the Android and Apple App Stores. I will plan on giving full gameplay of the official Fortnite Mobile Android release date download so we can compare both the Fortnite Android and PUBG Mobile Android gameplay. If you are a new viewer, make sure to subscribe for more Fortnite Mobile gameplay. Also, I will start to upload a lot more PUBG Mobile on my family friendly channel!

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