Recovering unbootable Windows system

Posted on Mar 19 2017 - 11:31am by Techy Hints

Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system in the world. There are many reasons for that such as the Windows drivers are easily available, the interface is more user friendly, it is easier to use than other operating systems, and lot of many others. However, at times the Windows system fails to boot. There could be many reasons for that such as virus infections, power surges, boot sector corruption, etc.

In such cases, you should contact your system manufacturer who will try to address the issue. However, that may not guarantee safety of your data. In such case, you should use a third-party Windows data recovery software to solve the issue.

Consider a scenario wherein your Windows XP system does not boot when you switch it on. Following error messages might be displayed:

  • Operating system not found.

  • Missing Operating System.

When you try to boot your system with the Recovery Console to recover its functionality, you may see the following error message:

Setup did not find any hard drives installed on your computer.”


There could be the following causes for this issue:

  • The basic input/output system (BIOS) does not detect the hard disk.

  • The hard disk is damaged.

  • Sector 0 of the physical hard disk drive has an incorrect or malformed master boot record (MBR).

  • An incompatible partition is marked as Active.

  • A partition that contains the MBR is no longer active.


One of the foremost things that you can do in such cases, is to contact the manufacturer of your hard disk. The reason behind this is that the manufacturer might be having a utility to scan the damaged area of the disk and verify the BIOS settings. If the hard disk is found beyond repair, then the hard disk may be replaced. However, that would not get back your previous data.

You can also try out the following workarounds:

  • Verify your system’s BIOS settings to ensure that the BIOS lists and recognizes the hard disk.

  • Use Recovery Console: Use the fixmbr command in the Windows XP Recovery Console to repair the MBR of the startup partition.

The aforementioned workarounds may be able to address the issue. However, if the issue is still not resolved then you should consider using a third-party Windows data recovery software to recover Window files. These tools are read-only in nature and perform Windows data recovery without overwriting the previous data, thereby preserving your valuable files.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery software is an efficient tool that is able to recover Windows partitions in all kinds of corruption cases. It can recover over 185 different types of files and is bundled with a Boot CD in case the system is not able to boot properly. It works on various storage media such as hard drives, iPods, memory cards, external hard drives, pen drives. It is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000.

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