Remote Keyless Entry System – Best Gadget For Your Car

Posted on Aug 5 2017 - 12:44pm by Techy Hints

If you own a car, you should consider getting it equipped with the remote keyless entry system. This system performs a number of functions in the car by establishing an interaction between the key and the car by the transmission of radio frequencies.

If you have a flair for both gadgets and cars, you have got to equip your car with the latest remote keyless entry system. From the encrypted coding and radio frequencies to the micro chips and multiple functioning, this system has got it all. When I first heard of it, sounded to me like a sci-fi movie. This system performs too many functions in your car without any manual operation of the key. The recent models of cars come with an inbuilt remote system and the older ones can have them installed in no amount of time.

Over the years, new technologies have been introduced to make driving experience easier and more convenient. The mechanism of remote keyless system is based upon the transmission of radio frequencies between the remote and the system. In a more elaborated term, there is a small device that is placed right behind the steering wheel of the car. This device has a remote that works as the car key. The remote has a micro chip inside it, an encrypted coding is embedded in the that chip.

The chip, when pressed a button of the remote, transmits radio waves signaling to the device in the car. The sooner the device identifies the signal, it verifies the code of the key. If the code matches, the car door is locked or unlocked, whatever the user is opting for. Locking/unlocking the car door, arming/disarming the car alarm are the basic functions of a remote keyless entry system. These functions can be performed from a significant distance, in most cases, even from the insides of a building.

If you think that’s it, there is so much more. The remotes are of two kind, ones that come with push buttons and others without them. The push buttons activate and emit the signals only when you push a button whereas the without buttons are activated at all times. Whenever the remote is within the specified range, the device receives the signals and perform an action in accordance to the remote. The defined range area of push buttons is wider than that of without buttons remote.

Brand new functions are added to the remote keyless entry system from time to time. The newer versions are equipped with features like opening the trunk without manual key operation. Imagine the trunk opening itself when you have bagful of groceries in your hands. Not just that, in hot summers, when you are in your getting ready for work, you can turn on the AC just by pressing a button in the remote and your car is cooled by the time you are ready to take it out on the road. You can do the same in winters to warm your car and removing the frost from the window glasses.

Along with offering so many features, this keyless system offers great security options. Since the car door can’t be opened and the engine can’t be started in the absence of the radio signals from the key, an intruder can’t drive off with your car. So you should get your car installed with a remote keyless system today and ensure its security.

The best place to look for the remote keyless entry system is the Internet where you can find some automotive locksmiths who offer these systems at reasonable prices. You can place an order with one such company that offers a keyless systems for a variety vehicles. On their website, you will find Audi remote, Jaguar remote, Nissan remote, Ford remote and many more to choose from.

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