Resolving Boot Configuration Data Error 0xc000000d in Windows 7

Posted on Mar 3 2017 - 10:31am by Techy Hints

When you start Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer, the boot manager (bootmgr) reads the boot entries stored in BCD (Boot Configuration Data) store to make them available for the boot loader and show a boot menu. For any reason, if this sequence doesn’t happen, the result is an unbootable computer with no access to data. These are some situations when you might need to use a Hard Drive Recovery utility.

For more clarification, read the following scenario. Suppose you install some Windows 7 patches on your computer. But when you restart the computer, it won’ boot, presenting a black screen and the below error message:

Windows Failed To Start. A Recent Hardware Or Software Change Might Be The Cause”

This further explains the steps to fix the problem, followed by the below mentioned error message:

Status: 0xc000000d
Info: An error occurred while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

Since the computer won’t boot, it doesn’t allow you to access data stored on your hard drive.


The mentioned issue can occur in the absence of Bootmgr or if the BCD file has gone corrupted or missing. It can be a result of incompatibility or interruption while installing Windows patches.

User Action

If you encounter the above or similar problem, you are suggested to apply the following measures:

  • Boot your computer using Windows 7 install or repair disc. After ‘Windows Recovery Environment’ is opened, select ‘Repair your computer’ option and then select ‘Startup Repair’ option under ‘System Recovery Options’.

  • If applying the above measure doesn’t help, use ‘Command Prompt’ under ‘System Recovery Options’ to run Bootrec /RebuildBcd command, which starts Bootrec.exe tool.

  • If running Bootrec.exe doesn’t work as expected, run the following sequence of commands to recreate the BCD store:

Bcdedit /export C:BCD_Backup

ren c:bootbcd bcd.old

Bootrec /rebuildbcd

  • In case, performing the above steps is not feasible or they don’t bring the required fixes, reinstall Windows 7 and restore the deleted data from your update backup. When backup is absent or exists in invalid state, use a Windows Hard Drive Recovery utility to scan and restore the deleted data. Hard Drive Recovery software are user-friendly applications to extract all the missing and lost information from logically crashed Windows disks.

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