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Posted on Mar 7 2017 - 5:44am by Techy Hints

today we will talk about the Microsoft Latest Operating system Windows 7. many people were hoping some thing extra from Microsoft windows 7, lets see they will be successful or not. First of all we shall talk about the editions we have available of this new Operating System release by Microsoft. It is a rapid upgrade from windows Vista because very soon Microsoft ending the support for Windows Vista even Windows Vista was very popular among the people. From the last few years Microsoft when ever release an Operating System they consider the the user classes and launches for home users and for professional users. Same like here Microsoft launch Windows 7 with several classified editions for different type of users. This time Microsoft also classified the region and some editions are only available for European Union and some for underdeveloped counties only.

List of Windows 7 product line

Windows 7 Home Basic             (Underdeveloped countries with limited options)
Windows 7 Starter                      (For basic users)
Windows 7 Starter x64               (For basic users who are using 64 bit processor)
Windows 7 Home Premium       (Little advance from basic users)
Windows 7 Home Premium       (For basic users who are using 64 bit processor)
Windows 7 Home Premium N    (This version is only for European Union)
Windows 7 Professional              (Edition for Professional users)
Windows 7 Professional (x64)    (Edition for Professional users who are using 64 bit processor)
Windows 7 Enterprise                  (Edition for Enterprise  users)
Windows 7 Enterprise (x64)        (Edition for Enterprise  users who are using 64 bit processor)
Windows 7 Ultimate                    (Ultimate solution for 32 bit machines)
Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)          (Ultimate solution for users who are using 64 bit processor)

so you can see here is lots of edition available for choice. In the market you see laptops of different brands who they are offering Windows 7 starter version and   Windows 7 home basic and Windows 7 upgrade from Widows Vista is also offered by Microsoft. I think you are confused by the editions offered by Microsoft. Don’t be confused, take a deep breath and I shall tell you which edition is going to fulfill your needs.
For starters Microsoft designs a Windows 7 starter. It Is very basic edition with very limited options. Graphical user interface is same but many option like explorer live preview, aero UI, flip 3D, live task bar preview, app locker, direct access, multilingual interface and many other features are not available.  If you are migrating from Windows Vista to Windows 7, do not worry Windows 7 is not going to overlapping any feature sets and with a little understanding with a new environment you can get a powerful product for you.
If we look back little on release of Windows Vista we can see there was no Media Center in Windows Vista Business edition so that not make any sense that a business user did not need any multimedia facilitated operating system. In Windows 7 you can see a rich media support from Microsoft and it is very welcomed by standard users. Windows 7 is also available for professional users with a combination of professional support utilities and professional environment. Enterprise edition is also very demanding among the people who are responsible for Enterprise solutions setups. Classified releases of 32 bit and 64 bit making sense because if you have a 32 bit machine or 64 bit machine,you are now clarified about the choice of your Windows 7.I hope you will be able to find your type of Windows 7.
After the decision of required edition of Windows 7, we have to check the compatibility issue. Compatibility for two major divisions, first is Software Compatibility and second is Hardware Compatibility. So lets start with hardware compatibility. Its is very economically critical for you if you buy a new operating system and after installation you find that your printer, sound card,display or any other device is not working with current operation system. This is also very discouraging for a new user and a professional. For this issue Microsoft make Windows 7 with a larger database of drivers and Windows XP and Windows Vista Drivers compatibility. It like if you did not found driver for your device which is specially written for Windows 7, you can install a Windows XP or Windows Vista driver version and in 90% cases Windows 7 accept it and run your device so we can say Hardware compatibility is nor more issue for Windows 7 and many hardware manufacturing companies are updating websites with Windows 7 Compatible drivers for their products. It is a good sign that most of old device can run with Windows 7.

Software also offers similar challenges for Operating System. If I have a customize software for my enterprise or for personal use and after the installation of Operating System if I am not able to run on it, I shall be not happy. Windows 7 have largely compatibility with 32 bit software and even you can run better on Windows 7 plate form. We have heard some issue regarding security software running on Windows 7 because of new security features of Windows 7 some time not compatible with older security software but Windows 7 have great feature which name is “XP Mode” and with this mode you can make compatible many software which give you any issue to run in Windows 7 environment. You can even run legacy 16bit software in XP Mode. People are not migrating too much for 64 bit environment. Mostly organization who have to create their own ERP or any custom made solution they are migrating. Currently at sales graph we can see Windows 7 (32bit edition) on the top. At the end I want to put here word of moth which I have heard by the people and reading comments about this new Operating System by Microsoft it is a great user friendly solution but need to tune-up with the passage of time.

Source by Syed Noman Aftab

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