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Posted on Aug 6 2017 - 3:46pm by Techy Hints

Purchasing a reconditioned phone is one fantastic way to get a hold of the latest technology at prices that are greatly reduced. Quite often we assume that these phones are faulty and other misconception on Surplus branded phones may prevent us from buying them, others may not even be aware of just how great the savings on the phones can be. Here is a closer look at some standards on revamped gadgets that show you exactly what you can get for your money:


Firstly, these tablets or handsets are those that have been returned by unhappy customers who may have bought them initially and returned them through the money back guarantee or returns policy. You can also have your pick from the pre owned, unboxed mobile phones and the factory seconds too.


The next thing is that all of the Surplus branded phones on sale are 100% completely inspected, certified and even repackaged where necessary by technicians that are qualified for this job. So you don’t have to worry about any damaged or faulty devices being delivered to you.


All devices come with a warranty period; this is either a residual one that is added on to used gadgets or a full OEM on unused gadgets. Then there is the return or replacement policies that offer more security for any other reason that you may feel is necessary for returning your unboxed mobile phones. This offers you the guarantee that anything you buy is essentially new or barely used, is in perfect working condition and is almost like buying something that is brand new.


So just how different are revamped smartphones or tablets?

Here are four top benefits:

  • Cheaper prices, bigger bargains and even more discounts
  • Full warranty period, easy returns, replacements or refunds
  • Free home delivery above Rs. 500
  • Many brands, many models, many choices


The list does not end there; the Surplus branded phones come with an assured testing and inspection seal to ensure that you get the best quality and the phones are even put into new boxes where needed. Even though will be some minor flaws of a cosmetic nature, they will not affect the performance of the phone at all. Even if it does, you still have the return policy on it.


After you have paid for and received your unboxed mobile phones purchase, you will get the complete package that includes the accessories, the battery, the charger and even the handset. In some cases, used phones are often supplemented with new additional accessories, so you have to check to see if these are compatible with the device or not.

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