SimCity 2000 ► 1995 City-builder (CD) – Download & Gameplay – [Abandonware Adventures!]

Posted on Apr 8 2018 - 11:45pm by Techy Hints

Abandonware Adventures! – Full playlist:
Have you played SimCity 2000? The Windows 95 CD version of the urban city-builder game from 1995? My first city-builder! Suggest something else I should play. Download link and installation instructions below!

Abandonware Adventures is a format where I find a good old game that is no longer for sale and play some of it. These are often PC games from my childhood that have been abandoned and I think need to be looked at again.

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You can also buy and play the DOS version from GOG here

How to play SimCity 2000 CD Version
1. The files can be found here:

2. It needs to run on a 32-bit operating system, so either an older PC or on a virtual machine running an older operating system.

Widescreen will happen automatically.

I’m running the game on Windows XP inside Oracle VM VirtualBox.

‘Abandonware’ is not a legal term but I always try to source games from, a website that is a recognised public library and has a DMCA exception.


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